Urthel Hop-it 9.5°

Urthel Hop-it 9.5°

Available at http://store.belgianshop.com/special-beers/1563-urthel-hop-it-95-1-13l.html

Superior Hoppy Belgian Ale. White very rich foam, small bubbles. Very hoppy, spicy, fruity flavour and full, heart warming body. Brewed at first at Van Steenberge, now brewed at Koningshoeven – La Trappe brewery.


Bavik Kwaremont 6.6°

Bavik Kwaremont 6.6°

Available at http://store.belgianshop.com/special-beers/1552-bavik-kwaremont-66-13l.html

Hazy golden with a smallish, firm head. The aroma is light malt, yeast. The flavour is medium to light bitter with a soft hop bitter palate. Medium to light bodied with average carbonation. Lingering malty finish with a lasting yeasty impression. Pleasant aroma and very basic flavor.


Gruut Inferno 8.5°

Gruut Inferno 8.5°

Available at http://store.belgianshop.com/special-beers/1548-gruut-inferno-85-13l.html

Pours a clear pale with big, fluffy white head that lingers. As if to accentuate the looks, a lemony smell, some pale malts presence. Aroma vontains hay, resin, lemon, grape, raisin, appleand spices like pepper. Flavor starts off light acidic, to go to sweet and to finish in light bitterness. Drinks pretty decent.


Fort Lapin Quadrupel 10°

Fort Lapin Quadrupel 10°

Available at http://store.belgianshop.com/special-beers/1553-fort-lapin-quadrupel-10-13l.html

Pours brown with a big beige head. Aroma is roasted malty and breadish to caramelish. Some ripe fruits like apples and peach are present. Flavor is quite sweet and malty. Roasted and bitter dry finish. Good beer, although a bit thin for a quadrupel.


Godefroy Rousse 6°

Godefroy Rousse 6°

Available at http://store.belgianshop.com/special-beers/1554-godefroy-rousse-6-13l.html

Dark orange colored, cloudy appearance. Medium sized yellow head. The aroma is sweet with notes of spices and berries. The flavor is malty with notes of coriander and yeast leading to a dry end. Good regular amber ale.


Tempelier 6°

Tempelier 6°

Available at http://store.belgianshop.com/special-beers/1550-tempelier-6-13l.html

Pours clear and golden orange with a nice white head. The main taste is bitter and besides that there isn’t much else. Aroma is sweet, malty, fruity and moderate spicy. Dry and moderate bitter finish. Solid brew!


Grimbergen de Printemps 7.7°

Grimbergen de Printemps 7.7°

Available at http://store.belgianshop.com/abbey-beers/1544-grimbergen-de-printemps-77-13l.html


Enjoy a delicious now Grimbergen Spring. Specially brewed in honor of the season when all that lives, lives again. Grimbergen Spring is enriched with aromatic hops, which gives it its refined bitterness and hop character. A sublime beer, fresh and sparkling, perfect to celebrate the return of spring.