Satan Black 8°

 Satan Black 8°
The smoky roasted coffee notes, with aromas of sweet, spicy and bitterness are a well complement for the hearty meals such as steaks, rabbit, fish like halibut but also a good companion for sweet food, desserts such as brownies and dark chocolate, toffee etc. Old cheese like Emmental, Cheddar together with this black beer is a revelation of tastes and impressions.

Netebuk Wheat 6

Netebuk Wheat 6

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Hazy, golden colour with a medium-sized and slightly off-white foamy head. Moderately yeasty, fruit-accented aroma of citrus and lemon-peel with a mildly wheat-malty touch, spices and flowery notes. Sweet and slightly sour flavour, medium to light bodied with a spritzy carbonation. Solid malty and wheaty base with yeasty and spicy notes, fruity accents of citrus and peels; sweet and slightly sour-fruity finish, moderately spicy with flowery notes.
Rather a sweet Belgian ale.


Torpah 90 6°

Torpah 90 6°
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Torpah 90 is brewed with Chinook, a hop from Idaho (North-west of USA). This hop has a very high alpha acidity, which will give a strong bitterness to Torpah 90. Regarding the aromas, you will fell the mix of zesty flavors, especially grapefruits, which will provide a great and lasting taste in mouth.

Torpah is a range of 3 single hop beers, each made from a unique and singly type of hop, hence the name. That’s why it’s a single hop. The 3 hop varieties selected come from 3 different continents and bring a large variety of flavors directly linked to the characteristics of the land of those countries: United States (Chinook) New-Zealand (Wai-ti) France (Aramis). The declinations of Torpah, 30 – 60 – 90, refer directly to the IBU (bitterness index) present in each of those beers. This induces you to taste them all to see the progressive intensity of the bitterness and the work that has been achieved around each hop.


Troubadour Maris Otter 9°

Troubadour Maris Otter 9°
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Troubadour Magma ‘Maris Otter’ is the Special Edition of 2016 of the famous Troubadour Magma. The colour of Troubadour Magma “Maris Otter ‘is deep blonde with a solid foam collar. The beer with 9% alc V/V, a bitterness of 45 IBU and color of 35 EBC. The typical fruity aromas of citrus, exotic fruit, mango and hops that Troubadour Magma is known for, widely remains. The taste is slightly fruity, soft with spicy and floral notes, not complex, but refreshing nonetheless malty. The dry and bitter aftertaste lingers.


Bokrijks 8°

Bokrijks 8°
The Bokrijks is bottled in unique, ceramic crocks of 75cl!!
The Bokrijks is a blonde and strong local beer of high fermentation of Brouwerij Sterkens.
This blonde, with a nice white head, has a strong fruity aroma and a subtle, mild malty flavor. This refreshing beer has a slightly bitter aftertaste and is brewed with unique ingredients to create the best possible balance between bitter and sweet.

Boon Oude Geuze BLACK LABEL 7°

New: Boon Oude Geuze BLACK LABEL
Gold Medal World Beer Cup 2016
Aroma has plenty of citrus, slight floral, slight horseblanked, sligtht grass. Pretty darn tasty. The taste tart and funky with some citrus, goose berries, basement grapefruit, stable, apples and some wood. Carbonation is extremely high. Nice indeed! Wow this is really complex.

De Troch Oude Kriek 5.5°

De Troch Oude Kriek 5.5°
In 2015 De Troch started producing again “De Troch Oude Kriek” with 35% Schaarbeekse krieken.
Clear red colour, pink head. Aroma: very sweet and syrupy first, then some marzipan, cherries, almonds, sourish, bit peppery. MF: soft carbon, medium body. The taste is light sour, quite sweet, has a load of cherries, some cherry pits, light marzipan tones, light funk, tart. Dry and refreshing finish. Wonderful stuff. Balanced, delicate, flavorful.