Grimbergen de Printemps 7.7°

Grimbergen de Printemps 7.7°

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Enjoy a delicious now Grimbergen Spring. Specially brewed in honor of the season when all that lives, lives again. Grimbergen Spring is enriched with aromatic hops, which gives it its refined bitterness and hop character. A sublime beer, fresh and sparkling, perfect to celebrate the return of spring.


Boon Faro 4°

Boon Faro 4°

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Darkish red-amber color with a medium, quite firm and tanned, fading head. Tart, sweet and very fruity aroma – quite Flemish Sour –like and reasonably complex. Aroma is sweet fruity and some sourness. Flavor is sweet and fruity, some sourness and a malty finish. Taste is medium sweet with a funky fruitiness and a pleasant touch of toffee/caramel. ….


Notias 4.8

Notias 4.8°
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Blond beer with saffron. This beer is brewed by Chimay Brewery
Pale yellow orange with a medium white soapy head. Aroma of perfume, herbs, saffron, oranges, fruity notes. Taste of saffron, spices, floral notes, perfume. Medium thin body, active carbonation. Lovely palate, both uplifting and refreshing, but pleasantly full too. Finish a little perfumed, again more saffron – quite long.


Fort Lapin Tripel 8°

Fort Lapin Tripel 8°
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With the addition of coriander and wheat malt, it is reminiscent of a wheat beer. A nicely balanced and easy session beer. Slightly hazy, golden coloured beer with a white head. Citrus, malts and other grains are in the aroma.Bit of graininess too. Taste is quite smooth and creamy. Some lemon, initial bitterness. Finish is very much Belgian yeasty and creamy. Bubblegum and sweetness. Very smooth and surprisingly nice.


Engelszell Nivard Trappistenbier 5.5°

Engelszell Nivard Trappistenbier 5.5°

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Slightly cloudy, orangey golden to amber colour with huge, frothy, fairly lasting, minimally lacing, white head. Aroma biscuity, pale belgian character, nice clean hops and light spicy. Lightly hazy golden colour. Taste is spicy, yeasty, clove again, maybe even a touch of caraway, spiced bread, fruity hints of apricot, a touch of brine. A decent Trapist.


The Musketeers Antigoon 7° – 1/3L

The Musketeers Antigoon 7° – 1/3L

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Antigoon is a clear, golden beer with a creamy head of very fine bubbles. Hazy golden beer with a decent white head. Strong aromas of Belgian sugars, and mixed fruit. Tastes of sweet dough and lots of wheat beer flavors: some oranges, lemons, even some bananas. Banana flavors followed up with some grassy hops and a bit of sweet malt tying it all together. Had low expectations but am pleasantly surprised.

Antigoon is a beer of high fermentation with an alcohol content of 7% alc. by vol. Therefore we call it a “double blonde”.


La Montoise Trinite 9° – 1/3L

La Montoise Trinite 9° – 1/3L

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Brewed for “Mons 2015: European Capital of Culture” .

Pours a nice, hazy pale golden color. Aroma is predominantly lemon with a hint of coriander . Perfect balanced bitterness and sour/sweetness. Medium body. Easy drinkable.