Lindemans Oud Kriek Cuvée René 5° – 3/4L

Lindemans Oud Kriek Cuvée René 5° – 3/4L

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The pour is a great deep ruby, with a wonderfully light pink head that fades down moderately quickly. Looks very beautiful. Aroma of sweet red candy, cherries (both sweet and sour), raspberries: very fruity and tart. Very well balanced aroma. Lightly bitter, moderately sour flavour. Quite tart flavour with some cherry flavour. Overall, a nice lambic with plenty of balance


Brett on Wood – American Oak 7°

Brett on Wood – American Oak 7°

Limited Beer Collection
Hazy copper amber color with a nice off-white head. Aroma bit woods, sour, fruits, caramel. Taste is light sour, medium bitter and light sweet with some wood notes. Aftertaste: bitter touch, green grass, fruity notes, some banana, some orange peel

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St. Stefanus Blond 7° – 1/3L

St. Stefanus Blond 7° – 1/3L

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With roots dating back to 1295, St. Stefanus Blonde is the original abbey beer contracted to the Van Steenberge Brewery. St. Stefanus Blond pours a light golden color with a good head that stays, lacing the glass as you drink it. Aroma is nice and yeasty, notes of bubblegum, barnyard, sweet hay, mild cheese, sweet earth, light floral tones. Big, bready mouthfeel, sparkling carbonation, fizzy yeast. Flavor is big, spicy, and bready with notes of cereal, lemon, and tart grains. The flavor has the same with a very nice bitterness to balance. Very well done.


Abdij Averbode 7.5° – 1/3L

Abdij Averbode 7.5°- 1/3L

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Authentic abbey ale, brewed for the well-known Averbode abbey since 2013.

Averbode is a blonde abbey beer of 7.5% ABV, dry-hopped and with a second fermentation in the bottle. Clear blond beer, huge rocky head like whipped cream, pretty stable, bit adhesive. Aroma brings out dry crackery malts and lots of grains. Flavour brings out lots of yeast, sweet cereal malts, light dry hops, and champagne yeast. .





The Beer of The Week: Augustijn Blond 7.5° – 1/3L

The Beer of The Week: Augustijn Blond 7.5°
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Pours a slightly hazy golden orange color with a large frothy white head with good retention. The aroma blends dough yeast, bread malts, and a general sweetness. Taste: bitters, spicy, a bit yeasty. Palate: Medium body, creamy texture, nice finish. A good representation of the Belgian Ale category. Enjoyable. Excellent summer selection .


Our New Beer: La Bouffonne 9°

Our New Beer: La Bouffonne 9°
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Pours golden with a thick white head. Medium body with ditto carbonation. Sweet and spicy with herbs. Hops come to the forefront with a nice snap. Aroma gives away the high ABV of this beer. A very nice rich beer.


Cantillon Gueuze BELGIUM 5°-37,5cl

Cantillon Gueuze BELGIUM 5°-37,5cl

“Speciale Cuvée” 

The world’s classic Gueuze. A blend of one, two, and three year-old lambics creates a second fermentation in the bottle. The « Champagne of Belgium !! 

Slightly hazy orangy golden with small bubbly white head. Smaller head than I was expecting, gone in an instant. Nice visible carbonation. Effervescent and champagne-like pour.. Aroma is sour, apples, white wine, vinegar. Taste is sour, almost no sweetness and bitterness, tart, apples, white wine grapes, dry, crisp. Aftertaste is sour, touch of bitterness, smooth carbonation. Carbonation is strong but not overwhelming. Light sweet grains, unripe peach, lemons, lots of barely ripe fruit tart/bitter mix. Great example of style.

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